Shutterstock Coupons for Creative Professionals around the World

Shutterstock is a well-known stock photo agency for creative professionals around the world. It has over 80 million stock images, vectors, videos and music clips, with hundreds of thousands more uploaded every month. With a vast collection to choose from, bloggers, web designers and businesspersons will surely find everything they are looking for. The stock site has been in the industry for over a decade and has helped the creative community with their projects.

The stock photo website’s plans and pricing are not the least expensive in the market, but its lasting relationship with us Stock Photo Secrets provide our avid readers with the opportunity to save more. We offer coupons for Shutterstock that include 15% discount on all image subscriptions and 10% on all footage products. Our Shutterstock coupons are valid through June 30, 2016 so hurry and redeem them now!

Amazing Royalty-Free Images at Simple Pricing

Shutterstock offers high quality royalty-free images at simple pricing. You can purchase images on demand or subscribe to a plan. The stock site provides great prices on multiple image packs, which expire within one year of download. It also offer subscriptions that give you the best rate for images. The most popular plan allows you to download 25 images per day. For the best value for your money, we recommend the annual image subscription plan.

Rebates with our Shutterstock Promo Code

Before you click “Redeem Here”, be sure to copy the code first. Then, click the link to use our exclusive portal to subscribe for Shutterstock. Choose a subscription that suits your creative needs and budget, and click “Buy Now”. Right below the product you wish to purchase, you will be asked to enter a coupon code. Enter the Shutterstock coupon code and click “Apply”. In just a few seconds, you will see your savings. See this here.

Our Shutterstock coupon code will save you 15% off on all image subscription plans and 10% on all footage products. As soon as you redeemed your coupon, you can start downloading the stock photo site’s awesome images and footages right away. If you want to download more photos, do it with our Shutterstock coupon code. What are you waiting for? Subscribe to Shutterstock and get your coupon codes now!

What stock photo agency are you subscribed to? Shutterstock has numerous admirable features that you will surely love. It has a user-friendly interface, awesome stock assets, and simple pricing. Furthermore, it collaborates with Stock Photo Secrets to provide creative professionals around the world the opportunity to save more. Through our Shutterstock coupons, you can avail up to 15% discount on image subscriptions and 10% off footage products.

Take note that there are many scam sites in the Internet. You have to be careful where you get your coupon codes.

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Stock Photo for Your Website

Many websites are littered with poorly stock photos. It doesn’t have to be the same with yours. Keep in mind that a website relies on great photography to capture people’s attention and keep readers engaged. Good stock photos offer visual stimuli to break up text and clarify some points in your article. To make sure you are choosing the right stock photography, check out these 6 easy steps on the right and wrong way to choose stock photos here.

  1. Choose a reputable source. There are many stock photo sites in the market, but they are not created equally. If you are trying to save money without sacrificing quality, is a good source to buy stock photos. The stock site has over 5 million high resolution images in its library, priced at the lowest prices. It is also a great source to learn more about stock photos and compare stock photo agencies.
  2. Be aware of licensing agreements. If you are buying stock photos, you need to know how to use them legally. You are not saving money if you’ll end up getting sued. If citation is required, give credit to the artist or the stock site. Royalty-free license allows you to use the images whatever and whenever you want, but other licenses are only available under certain conditions. When in doubt, contact the stock site.
  3. Include images of animals and people. Stock photos help your readers feel connected to the content of your article, and images of people and animals help create this feeling of connection. If you are looking for lifestyle photos, do include images of pets on leashes or hands of people. Even financial websites can still use these images for relatability.
  4. Avoid photos of random smiling employees. These photos are common in business websites, but you should try to avoid them. They look “stocky” and insincere. Even people who love their job rarely sit and grin while typing or checking documents. Use basic mood photos that communicate emotion, instead.
  5. Don’t get too clever. Humor is subjective, so be careful when using images that include a wink or a nod. They may come off as condescending or creepy, especially on marketing purposes. Avoid anything that relies on pop culture, too. Some people may not get what they refer to. Instead, use images that look authentic and are relevant to your website.
  6. Choose for color. To make a positive impact on your audience, choose photos with colors that suit the theme of your website. Cooler and natural tones ensure a professional appearance. If you are using these colors in your website, be sure to pick photos with the same hue.

Choosing stock photos does not have to be complicated. Just take time to think about what image you want to convey and pick high quality ones from a reputable stock photo site, like Stock Photo Secrets. Are you ready to start choosing new stock photos for your website? Follow the above steps, and you will never have to choose poorly – ever again.

7 Reasons Why Shutterstock is a Great Image Source

Stock images have been an important part of a successful web design for the past decades. Many creatives use them to attract attention and convey their message. That’s why the number of stock photo agencies has also skyrocketed. With a wide variety of websites to choose from, what makes Shutterstock stand out from the rest?  Here are seven reasons why you should choose the stock site as your primary image source:

  1. They have over 175 million images in their library. A great image source offers a wide variety of content that suits all your creative needs, regardless of theme and style. With the stock site’s vast collection of royalty-free photos, you will surely find the perfect image to enhance your creative project.
  2. They sell royalty-free license. All images in the stock photo agency includes a royalty-free license, allowing you to use them in any project for as long as you like. For a one-time fixed fee, you can use the images in multiple ways.
  3. They have great subscription plans. Shutterstock offers one of the best subscription plans in the industry. They have plans for individual and multiple users – all at straightforward prices. Get images on demand or save with an annual plan, whichever suits your creative needs and budget. Team plans and enterprise plans are also available.
  4. They include other stock files. If you need more than just stock images, Shutterstock also offers stock footage, music and audio, and editorial content to their library. Why download these additional stock assets from other sites if you can download them all in one site?
  5. They have great technology tools and an easy-to-navigate website. The stock site offers its very own image editor right inside its web design. You can easily edit images to fit your theme and style. Their website is also user-friendly. You will surely find what you are looking for easily and quickly.
  6. Shutterstock coupons exist. The stock photo site already offers one of the best deals in the market. But, that doesn’t stop them from offering their customers a chance to further their savings. Shutterstock has teamed up with Stock Photo Secrets to provide creatives around the world with coupons to save more on their purchase. Coupon codes are also available the stock site itself.
  7. They are one of the best. Why should you choose Shutterstock as your primary image source? The answer is simple. They are one of the best stock photo agencies in the market. Their vast collection of images and straightforward pricing make them ideal for individual users and businesses alike.

Shutterstock is known for their super cheap pricing, huge library of content, flexible licensing and high quality services. They even offer free content every week when you sign up to the stock site. If you are still looking for the best image source, check out the stock site. Don’t forget to grab a coupon code, too. You can get as much as 15% discount on your purchase with a Shutterstock promo code.

Envato Elements Review: Should You Get It?

Many designers do not use stock graphic elements because they feel that they’d be cheating. But, we totally disagree. Ready-to-use graphics can help you save time and keep your clients happy. Customizable templates and assets allow you to add specific elements to your design to make it more appealing at a limited time. You can say goodbye to stressful deadlines and spend more time doing the things you love.

Where can you get this awesome graphic element? Here is a quick Envato Elements review to help you decide whether you should get it or not:

  • Envato Elements has over 25,000 graphics, fonts, add-ons, actions and presets, templates, 3D items and more in its library. All are handpicked by creative professionals like you on Envato’s platform. Recently, over 20,000 stock photos are added too.
  • All creative assets come with a commercial license that allows you to use them in any project. While there are free items in the Internet, they do not give you usage rights. And, using them will only lead to your reputation’s harm and your pocket’s rip.
  • Unlimited Downloads. For only $29 a month, you get unlimited downloads. Choose from 240,000+ stock photos, 27,000+ items and even 1000+ courses on Tuts+. The subscription also entitles you to a free AND CO membership. Plus, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Although Envato Elements is a pretty young service, it is backed by industry experts. As part of Envato’s network of stock media and graphic resource marketplace, it sure is one of the most reliable stock graphic elements resources in the market.

So, should you get it for you next creative projects? Definitely! Envato Elements allows you to design without limits. You don’t have to spend so much time working on graphic elements because all items in the library are ready to use. Visit the website now and get started!

Adobe Stock: Search and You Shall Find

Adobe Stock has a strong image base of over 40 million stock content. It is a creative trove of high quality images, graphics and videos that guarantees you will find the perfect asset for your creative and design needs. The stock site makes the search process easier with tools and filters that narrow down search results. Simply type in a keyword and click enter to get relevant results to your search. You can also display results according to recent uploads, popularity, and most downloaded.


Another search feature unique to Adobe Stock is the “Undiscovered” category. You can refine your search results to show images, graphics or videos that have not been downloaded from the stock media site. This ensures a unique edge to your designs over your competitors and other websites. You can also sift through more precise results by defining the orientation, people and color of the assets. On the home page, you can also search according to categories.

Searching for images, graphics and videos has never been easier with Adobe Stock. The user-friendly search results combined with the vast collections ensures that the perfect image for your creative next project is just a few clicks away. Aside from the highly searchable library of the stock site, here are other advantages of using it:

  • It has one of the largest stock image libraries readily available in the market. Adobe Stock has over 40 million stock content, including images, graphics and videos, review here. The word images alone presents over 2 million images. It is safe to say that a large part of the library is composed of images.
  • Are you living in a different country? No problem. The stock photo site can be access in most countries. In fact, it is currently available in 20 languages.
  • Adobe Stock offers simple pricing and licensing. You can purchase a single image at the stock site for $9.99 each. If you need more images in a month, you can also subscribe to a plan of 10, 350 and 750 images. A limited offer is currently available. You get the first month for free or 10 free images when you subscribe to the 10 images/month annual plan.
  • It is fully integrated with Creative Cloud software application. Are you a CC member? You will be happy to know that you can search for Adobe Stock images right inside your application. You can work with watermarked images and present them for approval. Once approved, you can automatically replace the watermarked version with the full version, saving time from reworks.


With Adobe Stock, search and you shall find. You will easily and quickly find the perfect image for your next creative projects with the stock site’s well organized and highly searchable library.