Taverna Monti is a blog online where you can see some of photography tips and video training. We also have tutorials and guides on how to use camera or DSLRs effectively. This is owned by group of photographers from UK and now is based in California just to give some tutorials and training to all amateur photographers from the major part of the US.

On this blog, we will also be uploading the works and portfolios of the owners where they share some of their photos here and you can use these photos with the permission from the admins. Since the purpose of this blog is to educate those who are interested in photo industry, then we have decided that we will share our photos here so it would be useful to others.

We just want to take time to say thank you for dropping by and for reading this page, just to know about us and who are we and what we are doing in life. Again, thank you and hope to see in one of the photography events that we will have soon. Stay tuned!