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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Stock Photo for Your Website

Many websites are littered with poorly stock photos. It doesn’t have to be the same with yours. Keep in mind that a website relies on great photography to capture people’s attention and keep readers engaged. Good stock photos offer visual stimuli to break up text and clarify some points in your article. To make sure you are choosing the right stock photography, check out these 6 easy steps on the right and wrong way to choose stock photos here.

  1. Choose a reputable source. There are many stock photo sites in the market, but they are not created equally. If you are trying to save money without sacrificing quality, is a good source to buy stock photos. The stock site has over 5 million high resolution images in its library, priced at the lowest prices. It is also a great source to learn more about stock photos and compare stock photo agencies.
  2. Be aware of licensing agreements. If you are buying stock photos, you need to know how to use them legally. You are not saving money if you’ll end up getting sued. If citation is required, give credit to the artist or the stock site. Royalty-free license allows you to use the images whatever and whenever you want, but other licenses are only available under certain conditions. When in doubt, contact the stock site.
  3. Include images of animals and people. Stock photos help your readers feel connected to the content of your article, and images of people and animals help create this feeling of connection. If you are looking for lifestyle photos, do include images of pets on leashes or hands of people. Even financial websites can still use these images for relatability.
  4. Avoid photos of random smiling employees. These photos are common in business websites, but you should try to avoid them. They look “stocky” and insincere. Even people who love their job rarely sit and grin while typing or checking documents. Use basic mood photos that communicate emotion, instead.
  5. Don’t get too clever. Humor is subjective, so be careful when using images that include a wink or a nod. They may come off as condescending or creepy, especially on marketing purposes. Avoid anything that relies on pop culture, too. Some people may not get what they refer to. Instead, use images that look authentic and are relevant to your website.
  6. Choose for color. To make a positive impact on your audience, choose photos with colors that suit the theme of your website. Cooler and natural tones ensure a professional appearance. If you are using these colors in your website, be sure to pick photos with the same hue.

Choosing stock photos does not have to be complicated. Just take time to think about what image you want to convey and pick high quality ones from a reputable stock photo site, like Stock Photo Secrets. Are you ready to start choosing new stock photos for your website? Follow the above steps, and you will never have to choose poorly – ever again.